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How To Treat Impotence Surgically

I want to tell you about penile prosthesis that is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The man, who has the device in place, can comfortably go to public showers such as the YMCA, no one can detect that it is in place, his partner, unless under the closest scrutiny could be able to detect that the man had a prosthesis.

The procedure is usually performed on a one-day stay basis either in the ambulatory treatment center or in the hospital, where the man checks in the morning, have the procedure and then goes home an hour or two later. Most men can leave the hospital after they urinate and most men if they don’t have a problem with urination before the procedure, they won’t have any problem urinating in the postoperative period.

Men are given antibiotics and pain medication: antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medicine for the post-operative pain, which usually purses for two to five days after the procedure. Most men can begin engaging in sexual intimacy four to six weeks after the procedure is performed. Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will pay for the operative procedure.

There are potential complications associated with the surgical insertion of a penile prosthesis. These complications include infection, bleeding, and failure. Rarely is bleeding or infection a problem occurring in less than three percent of the cases. Failure of the device to work occurs in less than five percent of the patients. If the man had the device and used it for several years, which is common, and he experiences a failure where there is loss of fluid from the system, there is a very simple procedure to go and make an incision and find out where the leakages in the hospital and repair the system, and the man can then return to normal sexual intimacy with his partner. The procedure is successful in well over ninety-eight percent of the patients and very seldom has the device have to be repaired or replaced. Also, I point out that patient’s partner satisfaction is nearly a hundred percent after the insertion of a penile prosthesis.

So in summary, erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting millions of American men. The diagnosis is easily made, and most men can be helped with oral medication, or with injections, or pellets, or vacuum erection device. However, if those are ineffective, a surgical procedure with the insertion of a penile prosthesis is nearly a hundred percent effective in a man, who chooses this treatment option. So in summary, nearly every man, who has a problem of erectile dysfunction, can be helped. Today no one and, I genuinely mean no one, needs to suffer the tragedy of the bedroom.